Bfooding is a premium brand of high-end food service products, specializing in disposable items and packaging. We leverage our resources in China to provide quality and competitive products tailored for our clients all over the world.

The diversity of materials we use allows us to meet various kinds of inquiries. Our products can be made up of plastic, paper, cardboard, bamboo, wood, sugarcan fiber, aluminium…

Because we also focus on product development and design, Bfooding is not simply a brand with just a selection of products. Bfooding listens to its customers and carefully analyzes market trends and demands to match and even exceed market requirements.

Bfooding adds value by providing solutions in addition to supplying products. Value is added at various levels: from product & packaging development and design, to factory auditing and quality control, to logistics management, to product know-how and the supply of promotional materials.

Room 18A, Stength Plaza,
No. 3 Tianshan Rd,
200051 Shanghai, China

      T (86) 21 5396 0122
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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is a brand of Cocoon Group Ltd


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